Beach wave hair

Beach hair is great for those babes that run out of the water Pamela Anderson style and flick their hair in the sun. But if you are like me and come out of the water looking like a sea monster then you will appreciate this Beach Hair How To to get that perfect look at home.

If you are starting from cleaned washed hair create some texture before drying with spritzing label.m Sea Salt Spray. Once dried spray with some label.m Hairspray.

Using a GHD straightening iron combine these 2 techniques

Technique 1, holding the hair flat and parallel to the hair feed the hair through the iron in a ‘S” shape, clamping the hair flat as you go

Technique 2, holding the iron horizontal tip the iron forwards and backwards creating a wave shape in the hair
Alternate the technique’s to create more of a tousled effect
To finish the look you need to add more texture. We used label.m Resurrection Style Dust through the mid lengths and ends and then label.m Powder to Wax for separation through the front. Finish off with label.m Weightless Hairspray to hold in place.
The finished look gives you a tamed beach wave hairstyle.