When choosing to book a haircut with TONI&GUY, you are choosing


Mastering the art of cut is something that is deeply ingrained within TONI&GUY DNA. Born in a London salon in the 1960’s, the TONI&GUY approach to cutting and styling hair is one that would rewrite the rules of the hairdressing industry, and forever change the way that clients experience hair salons.

An undeniable force of craftmanship, superior skill and passion has paved the way to 50 years of
hairdressing excellence and cultivated a world class super brand with a heritage like no other.

The TONI&GUY philosophy has always been deeply rooted around education. Sharing our unique experience with the world to create an innovative, progressive and globally renowned hairdressing education program for every career stage. Education is led by the TONI&GUY International Artistic Team- some of the most prolific, influential and established hairdressers in the world.

With world class status comes momentous influence. Not only on the industry, but on how clients will be wearing their hair, too. Further solidifying influence in the hairdressing world, the TONI&GUY International Artistic team produce an Annual Collection that forecasts and writes the narrative of what hair trends will evolve for the year. TONI&GUY collections have become a signature hallmark that always have, and always will be a driving force behind hair and how we know it today.


Being a master of their craft –
Our Vardering program is considered a ‘Masters’ in Hairdressing. No matter how qualified or experienced a hairdresser, this process is an essential step to being part of the TONI&GUY team anywhere in the world.

Equipped with an innate ability to –
Listen. And understand. Working collaboratively with the client to create a tailored roadmap for their hair journey that delivers on and exceeds their desires every appointment.

World class Service –
Providing a premium experience that delivers on every touchpoint of the client’s journey. From greeting and consultation, to cutting every strand of hair with precision, and putting your coat on for you as you leave. All clients are welcomed into the salon environment with the upmost respect and warmth.


Suitability –
The elements of suitability of a haircut are two-fold. Consideration and understanding of face shape and working with the natural textures of the hair are imperative. It’s about understanding what the hair does naturally, and what the client is willing to do to maintain their look. There isn’t always one definitive way to go, but instead, understanding the flattering and standard tips to accentuate features and move the eye away from other points of the face. It’s all about finding your balance, and having all elements work together in synergy.

Technique –
TONI&GUY are pioneers in cutting technique. Each and every stylist within our business undergoes our world-renowned training by our award winning International Artistic Team every year to ensure they are continuously upskilling their craft delivering on trend-led cuts.

Longevity –
Not all haircuts are created equal, especially when it comes to how they’ll grow out. A TONI&GUY haircut is one that stands the test of time. One that doesn’t look like it has grown out after just 2 weeks of your visit. One that holds shape, texture and health right through until your next appointment.

Haircare – label.m.
Our products are just one of the tools in our stylist’s toolkit to provide clean, strong, nourished, and healthy hair that delivers on performance, strength and longevity.

Label.m is a collusion of art meets science, incorporating new age hair technology and natural ingredients. Conceived in salon, rather than in a laboratory, our award-winning product is developed by professional stylists with the mission is to inspire, nurture creativity and individuality not only in our stylists but our clients too.

Cos Sakkas, TONI&GUY Head of Head of Education

“TONI&GUY’s award winning education is dedicated to nurturing excellence, and most of all giving our clients great hair. We are constantly updating and redefining our course offering and teach hairdressers of every level – that far exceeds the training that is received elsewhere”

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