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  • Label M_Bottle_300ml_Leave In_Conditioner

    Labe.m Products: LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER


    Smoothes and strengthens all hair types and shields against static and UV rays. Ginger, Ginseng, Bergamot, Juniper, Mandarin Orange and Vanilla control frizz and enhance tousled curls.

  • Label M_Pump_200ml_Organic Lemongrass_Conditioner

    Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Conditioner


    With uncompromising levels of US Certified Organic ingredients including: Quince, Oats and Rice Milk Powder to hi-drench naturally, without build-up and totally uplifts with intensely olfactic Lemongrass extract.

  • Label M_Pump_200ml_Organic Orange Blossom_Conditioner

    Organic Orange Blossom Conditioner


    A mild conditioning formula for the finest of hair types with a beautiful Organic citrus blend of Tuscan Mandarin Fruit, Organic Mediterranean Bergamot, Maltese Blood Oranges, Orange and Lemon Peel extract.

  • Label M_Pump_150ml_Therapy_Conditioner_Rejuvenating

    Rejuvenating Conditioner


    This sulphate-free conditioner will restore, replenish and rejuvenate hair and is designed to quickly transform weak, dull, aged hair into strong, radiant and youthful looking hair. For optimal results use with the Therapy Age-Defying Shampoo.

  • label M_thickening_Conditioner

    Thickening Conditioner


    A volume-building, hydrating and nourishing conditioner for any hair type with the exclusive NRG Complex™ and Time-Release Technology for long-lasting body and lift.

  • Label M_Tub_120ml_Honey Oat Mask

    Honey & Oat Mask


    A lightweight hydrating mask for visibly dry and dehydrated hair. The exclusive Hydra-5 moisture-regulating complex works to prevent damage, replace lost moisture, and strengthen from within leaving hair luxuriously soft & strong with a luscious scent.

  • Label M_Bottle_300ml_Conditioner_Short_Intensive_Repair

    Intensive Repair Conditioner


    Offers intensive repair for seriously damaged hair and formulated with the Soyo-Oat-Amino complex. Intensively repairs all 3 layers of the hair whilst our exclusive Enviroshield Complex, protects vulnerable hair against damage from heat styling and UV rays.

  • Label M_Tub_120ml_Intensive Mask

    Intensive Mask


    With Bran, Cottonseeds, Shea Butter and Amazon Cupuau combine to hi-drench and restore hair. The exclusive Enviroshield Complex, detangles easily and shields against heat styling and UV rays.

  • Label M_Bottle_300ml_Honey Oat_Conditioner

    Labe.m Products: Honey & Oat Conditioner


    Effective conditioning without heaviness whilst Honey, Oat extracts, Sea Algae and Sea Cabbage remoisturise. Soothes and strengthens hair and our exclusive Enviroshield Complex, actively protects hair against heat styling and UV rays.