Our Products

  • TONI&GUY Lable.m Professional Products Haircare

    label.m Professional Haircare

    An award-winning fashion inspired range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic International Artistic Team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. It’s no wonder label.m is the product of choice backstage at London Fashion Week.

  • Lable.m Styling Tools Available in TONI&GUY

    label.m Styling Tools

    The many years of product development experience combined with the legendary artistic team's vision fuel the development of new styling techniques and dynamic product innovations; from hairdryers, brushes and combs to scissors.

  • Latest Hair Styling Tools Available in TONI&GUY

    TONI&GUY Styling Tools

    Working backstage and pairing hair trends with fashion’s latest looks, TONI&GUY is able to help you express your style from the head down using the latest innovations of hairdryers, brushes, combs and scissors.

  • Parlux Hairdryer

    Parlux hairdryers stand for leading performance with exceptional heat, airflow, and speed settings. These Italian-made professional hair dryers are designed to go all day, every day and can be found in leading hair salons around the world.

  • Professional GHD Hair Straghteners get it in TONI&GUY


    A premium brand in high-end hairstyling appliances. From waves and curls, to flicks and poker-straight hair, create a look that's stylish, effortless and professional with GHD straighteners.

  • Wide Selections of Best-Seller Napoleon Perdis Makeup at TONI&GUY

    Napoleon Perdis Makeup

    Translating the relationship between beauty and art, Napoleon Perdis is about inspiring individuals to be, and remain in control and take the time to redefine themselves. Stocking a range of best-sellers and offering clients special makeup packages.

  • System Professionals

    Each of System Professional’s exclusive treatments begins with an individualized energycodetm mapping, that is tailored to your hair and scalp needs. System Professional’s goal is to help you achieve hair that feels reborn with the innovative tools and high-end products needed to make that beauty ideal a reality.

  • Selections of Wella Hair Professional Colours at TONI&GUY

    Wella Professionals - Colour

    Wella Professionals colour range is the professional hair product line that sets the standard for expertise and creativity in hair colour. It is trusted every day for its predictable, rich, sensual and voluptuous colour results.

  • Selections of ID Hair Products at TONI&GUY

    ID Hair

    ID Hair wants to offer the best hair colours, matching the best care and styling products for professional hairdressers, so they provide to their clients the highest quality of services and products. From youthful vibrant colours in Color Bomb and Pow’r to innovative accessories such as the secret hair bands and detangling Magic Brushes; Id Hair has fresh ideas for your hair look.

  • Selections of Niophlex - ID Hair Products at TONI&GUY


    Niophlex is a revolutionary 3-step system designed by IdHAIR to prevent damage and strengthen the hair during colour services. Niophlex adds bonds, elasticity and strength, enhancing the quality of hair.

  • Range of IDHAIR ME Products Available in TONI&GUY

    IdHAIR Me

    This range consists of 11 high performing products in chic packaging. The products have been developed by both consumers and hairdressers. The range is simple to use, affordable and packed full of effective ingredients with the Green Salon approval. Selected salons only.

  • Nioxin Haircare Products To Make Hair Thicker & Fuller | TONI&GUY


    Nioxin uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair. Their commitment to innovation, supported by research, enables them to be able to help more than 50% of people worldwide who experience thinning hair.

  • Activance to Grow Hair | For Men & Women get it at TONI&GUY


    Activance is the latest advancement in hair cosmeceuticals to revive thinning, damaged and lifeless hair, for both men and women. Activance is the only product on the market that increases the rate of hair growth.

  • Tangle Teezers | Latest Hairbrush Available in TONI&GUY

    Tangle Teezers

    Innovative in its design, Tangle Teezer is a hairbrush like no other. They’re uniquely structured and therefore will flex just the right amount when making contact with feisty tangles. Whatever your hair texture, Tangle Teezer will painlessly brush off knots in both wet and dry hair, knocking precious minutes off your styling time.

  • Trichovedic Haircare Products Available in TONI&GUY


    A trichologically formulated herb and plant based Australian hair care range developed by Trichologist John Cook, our range offers solutions for all hair and scalp types, utilising the best that nature and science can provide. Specialising in luxury keratin smoothing treatment.

  • Range of Seamless1 Hair Extensions Available in TONI&GUY

    Seamless1 Extensions

    Seamless1 individually crafted hair extensions are AAA standard and are the first to offer premium hair that is affordable to us all. Zero damage, no need to destroy your existing hair by adding more hair.

  • Range of Great Lengths Hair Extensions more in TONI&GUY

    Great Lengths Extensions

    Great Lengths treat and supply 100% human hair extensions of the highest quality in an ethical manner. Great Lengths is still the only hair extension company that sources and processes its own hair.

  • WELLA EIMI Professional Products Available in TONI&GUY

    Wella EIMI

    Each EIMI product has been developed to help you create versatile, statement styles that are unique to you. The extensive range includes long-time styling staples like smoothing serums and firm hold hairsprays, but Wella have developed a few extra products that are sure to become everyone’s new hairstyling heroes. Selected salons only.

  • Peptame Haircare Treatment Products in TONI&GUY

    Peptame Treatment

    ‘Peptide’ proteins formulated to ‘tame’ even the most untamable of hair types. It’s the fastest, easiest, most natural way to relax hair by simply shampooing. Straightening hair for up to 8 weeks!