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We are excited to announce our Culture Shock Fashion Designers. Australia’s cutting edge

Culture Shock Runway

The Fashion and Textiles Show is one of the biggest celebrations of undergraduate work at UTS. It showcases the work of 4th year students and their major projects via an industry-standard fashion show on a custom-designed catwalk with professional models.

The Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles centres around design studios, which integrate practice-orientated learning around specific fashion and textile projects. This approach parallels the process that professionals undertake in industry. There is strong emphasis on creativity, experimentation, and future thinking about the fashion industry.


Calibre is Australia’s most respected, leading mens fashion brand and considered as a pioneer in Australia’s fashion landscape. Calibre’s recognisable signature elements and inventive classicism has captured the imagination of style leaders around the country since it launched Australia’s first mens only, up-market boutique 25 years ago.

Calibre menswear was founded in 1989 by Gary Zecevic. Calibre has and will always only design the most premium fashion product for men. Calibre is passionate and committed to holding its position as the leading mens specialist in Australia by staying focused on designing the best menswear available.

Gary Zecevic is not concerned with having a high profile; he is genuinely passionate about designing fashion that is of the highest calibre which is how he came to name the brand. He never wanted to use his own name because he explains that his purpose has never been to make the Calibre journey about himself; his aim has always been for the product to speak for itself.

Calibre’s collections are always contemporary and made up of wearable, aspirational fashion pieces of the highest quality that range extensively from its signature well-tailored casual garments through to its exquisitely made, sharp suiting.



Kaliver is an empowering blend of femininity and strength. Every woman is beautiful and Kaliver complements and enhances this natural beauty.


Each design has the distinct Kaliver essence which enables every woman to express her individual femininity, sexuality and beauty.


Kaliver never wants to restrict women’s power. Our designs are effortlessly wearable to ensure every woman looks sensational and confident whatever path she follows.


Kaliver designs are timeless masterpieces which will become the staples of every woman’s wardrobe with styles which will endure season after season.


Just as Kaliver empowers our customers, we strive to empower our manufacturers and employees. Each garment comes to you designed and made with fairness and love, as well as quality.

Kaliver is based in Sydney, Australia. Kaliver’s inspiration is drawn from the Australian goddess in her natural environment, with a strong focus on unique and interesting fabrics. Kaliver strives to have cutting edge design lines, simplicity, and elegance, all with a clean finish. Kaliver endeavours to push the Australian Fashion Industry, but always directs their attention on creating wearable garments for the everyday woman.

Karla Spetic