TONI&GUY’s new FUTUREWISE collection merges fashion-infused hair and styling with individuality. We speak with National Creative Director, Katy Reeve, about the key inspirations behind the collection, as well as what hairdressers can expect from T&G’s educational sessions at Hair Expo 2018.

What distinguishes the FUTUREWISE collection from other T&G collections?

All TONI&GUY collections are an evolution of shape, fashion & style. FUTUREWISE leans heavily on fashion and forecasted trends both on and off the catwalk. It looks at the “anti-fashion” trend and how individuals affect style.

What can hairdressers expect to learn during your Hair Expo Look ‘n’ Learn?

Hairdressers will be exposed to fashion-led cut & colour techniques and editorial looks straight from London Fashion Week. In the Look ‘n’ Learn, we want to show you not only what the trends are but also what a technique does, and most importantly how to use these techniques in the salon.


If you could describe the TONI&GUY approach to education in three words, what would they be?

Inclusive, Relevant, Fashion-led.

During your hands-on workshop, what are some of the key techniques that you’ll be demonstrating?

With the emphasis on upgrading, strengthening and perfecting cutting techniques, this empowering and motivating course focuses on building confidence and knowledge. Through this three-hour practical workshop, you will reinforce and refine previously learnt skills to give you a technical edge that results in increased accuracy and precision. The cutting workshop will focus on the fundamentals of cutting like:

  • Technological foundation in all core techniques of cutting
  • Precision cuts, Transients-signature haircuts
  • Personalising & finishing techniques & body positioning



On a personal level, what are you most looking forward to seeing or experiencing at Hair Expo 2018?

Hair Expo for me is an explosion of inspiration! It’s the opportunity to talk, watch and absorb all that our industry has to offer, a chance to interact and make meaningful connections with others in our industry, and the time to party at the awards night… A perfect combination for any hairdresser!

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