race day crown



It’s that season again where you’ve got the dress, you’ve got the shoes, but what on earth are you going to do with your hair?!

You want something that’s going to last; perhaps something new? Let’s be honest, it’s our biggest fashion accessory!

Be ready for the Spring season with the majestic race day crown. This versatile up-do will suit the spring season and last well through race day.






race day crown step 1 race day crown step 2 race day crown step 3


STEP 1. Prep the hair with label.m Volume Moose for fine hair and spray label.m Blow Out Spray on the top / front hair line

STEP 2. Using a blow dryer dry the fringe upwards to create volume and blow out the ends to create undone texture

STEP 3. Gather the hair slightly towards one side and ponytail at the nape of neck using an elastic band


race day crown step 4 race day crown step 5race day crown step 6


STEP 4. Divide the ponytail into two sections

STEP 5. Tie the two sections of hair into a knot

STEP 6. Pull the knot tight but keep it a bit loose

STEP 7. Twist one section of the ponytail around and pin it at the top to secure and repeat on the other section of

hair on the opposite side


race day crown step 7race day crown step 8race day crown step 9

STEP 8. Pull the twist out slightly to add more texture

STEP 9. Pull the hair out slightly from the knot to add more texture

STEP 10. Secure the shape with label.m Weightless Hairspray

STEP 11. Use bobby pins in a crisscross pattern to add a “crown” effect on the hair. Spray the top of the hairnwith label.m Shine Mist to give your hair that “Race Day Ready” Shine!

STEP 12. Using a hair straightener curl sections of loose hair that fall down around the face to create a “formal” look.


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