Unlock The Energy of Hair with New System Professional from WELLA

Unlock The Energy Of Hair The New Wella System Professionals


System Professional is an industry leader in the science of hair care and now its scientists, in co-creation with some of the world’s top hair stylists, have succeeded in unlocking the secret to re-energising and transforming hair.

Through a ground-breaking discovery, System Professional discovered that each individual’s hair has its own “Hair Energy” profile that is as unique as a fingerprint, and that hair can be visibly transformed via a revolutionary new ENERGY CODE™ COMPLEX.

The new System Professionals treatments, ENERGY CODE™ MAPPING hair and scalp diagnosis and at-home product range with ENERGY CODE™ COMPLEX are now available at all TONI&GUY Salons.


VITAMINE B AMIDE  – Commonly used as a multi-tasking skincare ingredient, maintains moisture balance within the scalp layers.

CAFFEINE – Increases blood circulation in the scalp.

HISTIDINE – Replenishes the natural protein structure of the hair and protects it against free radical damage. Copper in wash water can be a generator of free radicals that can become activated when colouring hair or when hair is exposed to UV light. These reactive molecules are ultimately responsible for hair damage as well as causing colour fade and loss of colour vibrancy.

HISTIDINE – penetrates into the hair and protects it over time by encapsulating and removing copper from hair.

NATURAL LIPIDS – Two natural lipids – Glyceryl Monoleate & Oleic Acid, help maintain the structural integrity of hair. Hair lipids are the ‘cement’ that holds hair keratin together. They are important to overall hair structure and we need to replenish them to maintain hair’s structural integrity. These natural occurring lipids replenish the hair’s own internal lipids thus decreasing protein loss, improving hair torsion and combing properties.

System Professional ENERGYCODE MAPPING®

The first step towards restoring “Hair Energy” is to diagnose an individual’s unique hair energy profile using System Professional’s new ENERGYCODE MAPPING® in the salon. System Professional experts have developed special ENERGYCODE MAPPING® diagnostic tools, a hand-held microscope and in-salon app for use by hair care consultants in the salon, plus a self-assessment tool on the website for an initial diagnosis at home: www.systemprofessional.com

Once a hair energy profile has been diagnosed, a personalised system of new System Professional treatment and products with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX can be prescribed, from more than 174 million possible care combinations. “With 40 years dedicated to the science of transformative hair care, System Professional is the only brand with the experience to create a truly personalised, bespoke professional haircare system. We pride ourselves in not only innovating products that serve a purpose, but we also commit to providing a luxurious experience for our consumers that goes beyond the salon.”  comments Jerome Toulza, General Manager WELLA, Coty Professional Beauty ANZ.

Global Ambassadors Poppy and Chloe Delevingne both have experienced System Professional first-hand and can attest to its innovation and superiority, “Although we lead somewhat different lives, we share lots of similarities, which is why it was eye opening for us to see the results of our EnergyCode diagnosis which revealed how dramatically different our hair needs are,”  says Chloe Delevingne. “The results were immediate, I could feel my hair almost instantly re-energised, like it hadn’t been in years. System Professional has finally helped me tame the best!”  comments Poppy Delevingne.

New System Professional treatments with ENERGYCODE™ COMPLEX are luxurious in-salon experiences, infused with a prestige floriental fragrance base that’s common to all products, then further enriched with different top notes depending on the line, for a uniquely personal aroma. Varying from express leave-ins, to rinse out care to indulgent rituals, there are infinite combinations to meet each individual’s hair care needs.

New System Professional Treatments

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