Pastel Rainbow Hair – you would probably have come across an image of this sometime within your late night Instagram surf session.











Previously the domain of red carpet divas and performers – today more and more beauty bloggers and fashionistas alike are learning to infuse pastel rainbow hair trends into their daily hair colouring routine.

To discuss this trend with us, we caught up with the Technical Director for Label.m and Id Hair, Angie Rogers.

Q: So Angie, the pastel hair trend, why is it so hot now?
A: You see with hair it’s a matter of progression. We’ve gone from the bold colour trends where it’s all about the ‘loud’ to now embracing subtlety of beauty. Girls want to looks pretty, whilst looking different and expensive, and the pastel rainbow hair trend achieves exactly that! It’s subtle makeup for hair.

Q: How can you achieve this look within and out of the salon?
A: Well within the salon, stylists can create this look simply by using direct dyes from the ID Colour range that is still both hydrating and conditioning.

But at home, the quickest and best way to achieve this look is with the Id Hair POW’R! Range. This range is amazing at it serves as a stain on already bleached hair and has pastelized hydrolysed keratin with B5 that makes it really moisturising.


Q: What tips can you give someone who is using the POW’R Range at home to achieve this look?
A: Well for starters;

– make sure you have a clean icy base to start with or pre-lightened bleach hair.
– have a piece of white paper on hand, and mix the colour in a bowl, check the tone of the colour on a white paper to check if they’ve pastelized enough.
– it’s very important to apply the colour with a brush for even application
– make sure to feather different colours into one another so there’s no sharp lines of contrast
– apply to dry hair
– leave it on the maximum time to pastelize (15-30 minutes), depending on how intense you want it or how porous you want it
– shampoo & condition hair to finish and even out colour a bit

To maintain this look, simply reapply the POW’R! Colour of choice when it begins to fade. You can do this with your finger tips for smaller pieces of hair.

Keep in mind that ‘unfinished finishes’ are big so you don’t need to have the colour strands too structured as you don’t want it too look too ‘try hard’.

And there you have it, achieve the pastel rainbow hair look easily at home with the Id Hair POW’R range.

Available to purchase at any TONI&GUY Salons across Australia or simply talk to your Colour Technicians on achieving this looks in salon today.