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MONDAY 9:30am 5:00pm

TUESDAY 9:30am 5:00pm

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THURSDAY 9:30am 8:00pm

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about us

TONI & GUY Brisbane has been raising the bar for hair salons in Brisbane for well over 15 years now; through an unmatched passion to education, creativity and listening to our clients needs. The fashion forward hair salon started out in Adelaide St, later moving to Edward Street in 2004. Now relocated in new premises, again on Edward street, the TONI & GUY Brisbane salon blends an ultra-modern look with modern elegance, giving all clients a calm, relaxing visit.

Renowned nationally and internationally as a team of hairdressers that not only interprets, but also strongly leads in current hair fashion trends. Our leading salon directors travel to London once a year as part of TONI & GUY’s major sponsorship of London Fashion Week. Working along side the worlds best hair stylists and designers our salon directors are part of the team that sets hair trends that filter throughout the world. These star TONI & GUY hairdresser prodigies return home with a wealth of inspiration and leading techniques, these staff are then responsible for motivating and educating the team via regular in salon Art Team training nights, ensuring all staff are up-to-date with the latest cutting and colouring techniques and hair trends.

We offer real value for money on all services and guarantee that our team offers customer service that is second to none. The most common complaint from any person is “my last hairdresser just didn’t listen”. Our true point of difference is not only that we develop and create the best hairdressers in the business with the best hair cutting and colouring techniques, but how well we listen and communicate throughout every client consultation. TONI & GUY Brisbane focus our training not only on the technical aspects of hairdressing, but on the true essence of any great relationship ‘communication’.




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Meet The Team

  • Lou /
    Technical Director
    What’s your favourite coffee shop in Brisbane?

    I don’t drink coffee but I can’t go past Noosa Chocolate factory without getting something

    What do you like to do on the weekends?

    Spending it outdoors with my kids hiking, swimming or beaching

    Favourite Venue?

    Spirit House at the North coast BEST FOOD and I love how you can sit around the pond.

    What hair do you enjoy doing the most?

    A challenge – correcting people’s hair and improving the condition so it always look beautiful.

    Where did you complete your Toni & Guy Training?

    Nottingham English

  • lyndsay /
    art director
    Where did you complete your TONI&GUY Training?

    I trained right here in Brisbane!! As soon as high school finished I had already managed to secure myself my dream job and then my journey as a hairdresser began. As an apprentice I was never really sure which way I wanted to go in the industry and always found it hard to choose between becoming a stylist or a technician. I loved them both!! Eventually I decided to go with colour. After working my way up the levels, my dreams finally had come true, an opportunity came up in the salon for me to re train and become a stylist. Overwhelming as it was to have to think about going through the training process again and having to find about a million models, I then became a stylist. I LOVE IT!! After mastering all of that I decided I loved teaching people what I knew and became one of the vardering educators, which brought a new level of excitement into my day job. Every day in the salon, I feel so lucky that I am here and that I get to do this as a job. Meet wonderful people, play with their hair, and make them feel a million dollars. Just recently I have become the QLD Ambassador for Label M, which is such an amazing opportunity and an honour that I hold close to my heart. I can’t wait to experience the new journey I am going on… Watch this space.
  • Kelsey /
    Style Director
    What’s Your favourite coffee shop in Brisbane?

    Stravass for coffee

    Felix for Goodness for the most amazing food ever!

    What Famous person would you like to look after and what would you do to them?

    Alicia Vikander – she’s understated and a total dream, I’d like to keep to Louis Vuitton tradition alive and do a Michelle Williams on her – Chop it all off!!

    Favourite Blogger

    Courtney Trop – Always Judging

    What hair do you enjoy doing the most?

    Bobs and Shorter styles, I just love how much each cut can evolve into a better one. So many options!
  • Shanais /
    Senior Technician
    Celebrity Crush?

    Rihanna! I love her style and persona

    What hair do you enjoy doing the most in the salon?

    Balayages- making them soft and natural, using the skills I’ve learnt over the years to make them almost childlike in their appearance.

    What do you like to do on the weekends?

    Nature hikes through National Parks with my friend who is a photographer. They help me see so many beautiful hot spots.
  • Adam /
    Style Director
    What do you like to do on the weekends?

    Catch up with friends, cinema, dinner.

    Who’s your doppelganger?

    Jamie Lang from made in China

    What Famous person would you like to look after and what would you do to them?

    I think Isla Fisher beautiful hair and I think I’d just like to do even a blow dry – I can image our conversation to be hilarious!

    Where did you complete your Toni & Guy Training?

    I trained at the London Academy for Toni & Guy it as an incredible experience as my dream was always to travel with my skill.
  • Tamarin /
    Top Stylist
    What do you like to do on the weekends?

    Going to the beach and falling asleep listening to the waves. I even love it in winter. It’s the best feeling in the world when you wake up.

    What hair do you enjoy doing in the salon most?

    CURLS! They’re so great to work with so many creative styles I also have them myself and know the importance of getting it right.

    Where did you complete your Toni & Guy Training?

    Brisbane city of course! It’s the best!
  • Emily /
    What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

    Adventure Adventure Adventure! I love going to the coast, climbing mountains and being with my friend and family.

    Fun Fact About me?

    I can keep my nostrils closed together without holding them in place… ha ha ha!!

    Celebrity Crush ?

    Blake Lively – who doesn’t love her what a beautiful human


Price List

CutStylist StylTop Stylist Top StylStyle Director Styl DirArt Director Art Dir
CUT & BLOWDRY$84$97$110$123
- $72
- $72
- $72
- $72
ColourTechnician TechSenior Technician Sen TechHead Technician Head TechTechnical Director Tech Dir
HALF HEAD FOILS$165$181$198$214
FULL HEAD FOILS$227$249$272$295
FASHION COLOUR$149$164$179$194
COLOUR CORRECTION$216$238$260$281
TINT RETOUCH$98$108$117$128

All prices inc. GST from 01/01/2016.

Please ask for a obligation free colour consultation with any of our technicians for a quote.



Children under 12 receive 50% cut and blow-dry discount.
Children 13-16 receive a 30% cut and blow-dry discount.
10% student discount Mon–Tue–Wed only with ID.
10% backpackers discount Mon–Tue–Wed only with visa.
Discounts do not apply late nights or Saturdays.


Assistant 1st and 2nd Year Photoshoot